Fund Office

The Northeast Carpenters Funds administers the combined funds of pension, annuity, health and vacation funds. The funds were established to house the benefits that were established through a Collective Bargaining Agreement between the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and the various employers in New York State.

A board of trustees, consisting of an equal number of employer and employee representatives, administrates these funds to achieve an expected fiscal responsibility.

Albany, New York
Eric Ceccucci, Office Manager- Pension
Sally- Ext 221

Buffalo, New York
Karen Palmer, Office Manager- Pension/Healthy/Annuity

Horseheads, New York
Penny Cronk, Office Manager- Pension/Health/Annuity

Hauppauge, New York (Long Island)
David Stewart, Fund Director
631-952-9700 - Ext 150
Lauren Fazio- Pension and Annuity- Ext 129
Kim Sennes- Health- Ext 146

Westchester, New York (Hawthorne)
Kathy Morin- Pension and Annuity
914-592-8670- Ext 701

Fund Office News

Fringe Benefits
Thu, Aug 11, 2011

To check your account balances, please go to the links section. In that section there will be a link called Empire State Fringe Benefits. Just click on that link and it will bring you to the benefit homepage/login.